The hierarchy of the type activity is inconsistent when extending ActionBarActivity

Hi I've got new v7 support library with appcompat actionbar and when I want to extend from ActionBarActivity as documented here, eclipse show me this error

The hierarchy of the type testActivity is inconsistent

and when I move my courser on ActionBarActivity class it says

The type$SupportParentable cannot be resolved. It is indirectly referenced from required .class files

now how can I Solve this issue?


you should use new support v4 library that just has been released in sdk v18

I run in exactly the same issue and find thanks to tyczj a better solution, I think. If you have correctly setup the v7 library: You should NOT need to add again the v4 since it is included in v7 folder.

(Since you add the new v4 to solve your problem, I suppose you did not really use the one from v7 because in the v7 it IS the new one)

My post: If I use new " V7 Appcompat library ", do I still need " V4 Support Library " for a minimum SDK = 7?

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