Jquery Ajax url path Issue

I am trying to design a message system for my website, but i can't get my ajax running. So I make a simpler version of the interaction between the files.

Here is my file both test.php and load.php is under the root folder ( public_html).

i have the ajax function in test.php. load.php is just simply echoing "wow".


     beforeSend: function(){
        alert("  sss  "+result);

Now It works perfectly.

...........how to set relative path ...................

Here is the more complicated design

3 files, all in different folder :

  1. messages.php (under root)
    • showing all the messages
  2. control.php (root/panels)
    • a panel will be included in messages.php
  3. load.php (root/functions)
    • control.php will use ajax to call it then display result in control.php

so when user load in messages.php, it will load control.php then run the ajax call control.php.

I am so confused about how to set up these paths for ajax ( including control.php in messages.php works fine)



If the files you're trying to contact are in the root you can use /[file].php so that no matter which page you're on the path will be correct. It sounds like you have a relative path issue. Do you get any errors in the console?

To understand ajax url, I have two things that should always be remembered.

1. If we put slash at the beginning of ajax url, ajax url pattern will be `hostname/yourFile` example:

// current url: http://sample.com/users
// ajax code load from users page

   url: '/yourFile.php',

// ajax url will be: http://sample.com/yourFile.php

2. If we don't use slash at the beginning, ajax url will add to the current url in the browser. example:

// current url: http://sample.com/users
// ajax code load from users page

    url: 'yourFile.php',

//...ajax url will be http://simple.com/users/yourFile.php

I hope this things can help people who want to use ajax. Happy coding, thanks.

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