Qt phonon video player example C++ or python

Does anyone have a working example of a video player built using Qt phonon? (in C++ )

See my related question here . I am unable to build one using Python.


A working example of a video player built using Qt phonon: Dragon Player

And here you find the Mplayer created with Phonen too, including all the sources: Phonon MPlayer. You need to login, then you can browse the source code by clicking on "Source" and then "Browse".

EDIT: Oh, and of course the Media Player Example in the Qt Assistant, you should have a look at this, too. It plays both audio and video.

I have written a Simple Video Player using QT. The soure of the player is also hardcoded for this example. See here

Most qt and kde video players these days(not vlc). Looking for phonon reverse dependencies on ubuntu I find

  • amarok(music player with videos support)
  • minitube
  • kmplayer
  • bangarang
  • dragonplayer

non video players

  • okular(documents with embeded videos)

  • web browsers w/html5 video I think

    • libqtwebkit4
    • libkonq5

    • ktorrent(I think torrent film previews)

    • gwenview(play videos in picture viewer?)
    • dolphin(file preview)

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