Opening an iframe for IE while using Chrome Frame

I'm trying to use Chrome Frame for a business web application and so far things are working well. However, I need to open an iframe that should be rendered using IE's engine and not Chrome Frame's renderer. The iframe doesn't have the meta tag for Chrome Frame yet it renders with the plugin.

Is there a way to open an iframe that is rendered by IE from an app that is rendered by Chrome Frame?


It seems like it's not supported yet.

At this point ChromeFrame only supports the meta tag detection on top level URLs.


I had the same requirement for one of the business application that I worked on. After quite few researches, I found that specifying rel="noreferrer" on an tag will solve the problem. Because as per the documentation for noreferrer on

Specifies that the browser should not send a HTTP referer header if the user follows the hyperlink

The business application that I'm working on is a single page application, so I placed an tag on the parent page with attribute rel="noreferrer", like this

<a id="linkNoReferrer" rel="noreferrer" target="_blank">&nbsp;</a>

I haven't set the 'href' attribute for this tag, since I would like to assign dynamic href to this tag and trigger the click manually, like this




You will notice that the new page opened using this method, is rendered not on chrome frame. I have this code running successfully on my business application.

I hope someone would find this useful.


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