Where To find online PHP/CSS Syntax Generator?

i would like to learn how to make PHP/CSS syntax generator. i assume this going to be fun and all. Is there any open source PHP/CSS syntax generator ?

Or at least, where the best syntax generator available in internet based on your experience ?


Do you mean syntax highlighting?

Syntax generation in PHP is going to be pretty hard as it is a scripting language and you decide on what you write.. I.E. it doesn't follow strict rules...

CSS on the other hand consists of names elements which apply to html elements which all have the same basic rules (e.g. color, width, height ...).

There are a number of CSS generators out there both web based and pc/mac/linux based... It depends what you want.

If you mean syntax highlighting, well thats's different altogether... There are a number of open source implementations of syntax highlighting...

E.g. http://qbnz.com/highlighter/

so x goes in and a CSS comes out; what's X?

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