WooCommerce require registration to buy

I need to require a user registration before buying a product. Right now, when you add a product to the cart, then in the check out you can fill all the fields with your information but without a wordpress login. There is a simple option to create an account but is optional.

I'd like to know if is possible to modify the check out page to redirect a register page.

is it possible?

So if you wish to give any suggestion or any interesting link that will also be highly appreciable.


In your site's admin go to WooCommerce>Settings>Checkout ex:


And make sure that "Enable guest checkout" is unchecked

UPDATE for WooCommmerce 3.4+

Pretty sure it was 3.4 when WooCommerce added it's privacy tools to help with GDPR compliance. This setting is now under




There are three rows in wp_options that I suggest you set for this [recommended value]:

  • woocommerce_enable_guest_checkout [no]
  • woocommerce_enable_signup_and_login_from_checkout [yes]
  • woocommerce_enable_checkout_login_reminder [yes]

You can edit them in the admin console here:


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