How to copy QT folder to another folder without reinstalling it?

I have QT installed on disc D (on Windows). And I want to move it to disc C. Is it possible to do that?

If I just copy QT folder from C to D then I see lot of errors when I compile my applications that use QT. Errors are because qmake.exe contains full paths to include, bin and libs folders inside. So, when I create solution for Visual Studio 2005 using qmake - then this solution contains dependencies to old QT folder from disc D. And I found no way how to remove this dependencies without reinstalling of QT.

It is not a big problem for one my single machine - I can reinstall. But I need to deliver this change then to tens and hundreds of other developers machines and I want to make it as easy as possible without need to reinstall QT.


I guess re-compiling qmake will solve your problem.

Check your %PATH%environment variable. You should have something like D:\qt\qt-4.5.3\bin in it. Just change it to your new path. Et voilĂ !

Downloads QtMove from and everything can be done in one minute.

I've used it in several PCs to relocate different version of Qt, works fine!

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