How to convert List<string> to List<int>?

My question is part of this problem:

I recieve a collection of id's from a form. I need to get the keys, convert them to integers and select the matching records from the DB.

public ActionResult Report(FormCollection collection)
    var listofIDs = collection.AllKeys.ToList();  
    // List<string> to List<int>
    List<Dinner> dinners = new List<Dinner>();
    dinners= repository.GetDinners(listofIDs);
    return View(dinners);



Using Linq ...

List<string> listofIDs = collection.AllKeys.ToList();  
List<int> myStringList = listofIDs.Select(s => int.Parse(s)).ToList();

Here is a safe variant that filters out invalid ints:

List<int> ints = strings
    .Select(s => Int32.TryParse(s, out int n) ? n : (int?)null)
    .Where(n => n.HasValue)
    .Select(n => n.Value)

It uses the new out variables introduced with C#7.0.

This other variant returns a list of nullable ints where null entries are inserted for invalid ints (i.e. it preserves the original list count):

List<int?> nullableInts = strings
    .Select(s => Int32.TryParse(s, out int n) ? n : (int?)null)

Using Linq:

var intList = stringList.Select(s => Convert.ToInt32(s)).ToList()

What no TryParse? Safe LINQ version that filters out invalid ints (for C# 6.0 and below):

List<int>  ints = strings
    .Select(s => { int i; return int.TryParse(s, out i) ? i : (int?)null; })
    .Where(i => i.HasValue)
    .Select(i => i.Value)

credit to Olivier Jacot-Descombes for the idea and the C# 7.0 version.

I know it's old post, but I thought this is a good addition: You can use List<T>.ConvertAll<TOutput>

List<int> integers = strings.ConvertAll(s => Int32.Parse(s));

This is the simplest way, I think:

var listOfStrings = (new [] { "4", "5", "6" }).ToList();
var listOfInts = listOfStrings.Select<string, int>(q => Convert.ToInt32(q));

Another way to accomplish this would be using a linq statement. The recomended answer did not work for me in .NetCore2.0. I was able to figure it out however and below would also work if you are using newer technology.

public ActionResult Report(FormCollection collection)
    var listofIDs = collection.ToList().Select(x => x.ToString());
    List<Dinner> dinners = new List<Dinner>();
    dinners = repository.GetDinners(listofIDs);
    return View(dinners);

yourEnumList.Select(s => (int)s).ToList()

You can use it via LINQ

     var selectedEditionIds = input.SelectedEditionIds.Split(",").ToArray()
                            .Where(i => !string.IsNullOrWhiteSpace(i) 
                             && int.TryParse(i,out int validNumber))

intList = Array.ConvertAll(stringList, int.Parse).ToList();

  public List<int> ConvertStringListToIntList(List<string> list) 
     List<int> resultList = new List<int>();
     for (int i = 0; i < list.Count; i++)

     return resultList;

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