Use OR Clause in queryover in NHibernate

I am using Nhibernate. I am writing query through queryover method. I am able to write and clause as in code below. Its working fine.

db.QueryOver(Of Users)()
  .Where(Function(x) x.Role = "Guest")
  .And(Function(x) x.Block = 0)
  .And(Function(x) x.APPID = appId)

But I want to use Or clause instead of And, or combination of both. How can I implement this. Thanks


Here is description how we can build OR with NHiberante

The syntax (in C# as the tag says) is:

  • Restrictions.Or(restriction1, restriction1)
  • Restrictions.Disjunction().Add(restriction1).Add(restriction2).Add(...

In this case, it could be like this (again in C#, while question seems to use VB):

  .Where((x) => x.Role == "Guest")
       Restrictions.Where<Users>((x) => x.Block == 0)
     , Restrictions.Where<Users>((x) => x.APPID == appId)

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