How do I get the name of a Ruby class?

How can I get the class name from an ActiveRecord object?

I have:

result = User.find(1)

I tried:

# => User(id: integer, name: string ...)
# => #<User:0x3d07cdc>"

I need only the class name, in a string (User in this case). Is there a method for that?

I know this is pretty basic, but I searched both Rails' and Ruby's docs, and I couldn't find it.


You want to call .name on the object's class:

Here's the correct answer, extracted from comments by Daniel Rikowski and pseidemann. I'm tired of having to weed through comments to find the right answer...

If you use Rails (ActiveSupport):

If you use POR (plain-ol-Ruby):'::').last

Both result.class.to_s and work.

If you want to get a class name from inside a class method, or won't work. These will just output Class, since the class of a class is Class. Instead, you can just use name:

module Foo
  class Bar
    def self.say_name
      puts "I'm a #{name}!"



I'm a Foo::Bar!

In my case when I use something like I got something like Module1::class_name. But if we only want class_name, use


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