Current State of Javascript WebRTC Libraries?

I want to know that which framework or library is best to use WebRTC. Here is a small and incomplete list of libraries/SDK out there. Any lib that I forgot, feel free to let me know:


Tutorial/resource for implementing:

Has somebody done a compare of all the frameworks? It would help those who are new to WebRTC.


Having researched on WebRTC as a new technology, I could not find a more complete source than your experience. I decided to post this question in order to make a trigger that will compare the available sources.

Thanks a lot.


That should get you started :-) If you were focussing your question, we could point you to a smaller list. That is is also by no mean exhaustive, but should have the usual suspects.

Recording / Serverless

  • open source - git - www: RecordRTC


  • open source - git - www: lynckia/licode
  • open source - git - www: meetecho (janus)
  • open source - git - www: kurento
  • open source - git - www: jitsi (meetme)
  • open source - src - www meedoze (dead links?)
  • open source - git - www: media soup
  • acquired by cisco www: acano
  • proprietary - docs - www pexip
  • proprietary - src - www openClove (pivoted)
  • proprietary - git - www tokbox (openbox)


  • holla (used by twelephone)
  • openPeer (hookflash)


  • twilio (audio only)
  • requestec (product: saypage)
  • plivo
  • Tokbox
  • QuickBlox
  • openClove
  • tropo (audio only)
  • weemo
  • voximplant (audio only?)
  • Priologic (easyRTC,, proPhone)
  • Dialogic
  • bistri
  • Apidaze
  • CafeX
  • hookflash
  • Apizee (apiRTC)
  • &yet (simpleRTC)
  • RTCMultiConnection (muazkhan, demo)
  • crocodileRTC - the company has been bought/absorbed three times over. I don't know what is the status of this library, you might want to contact peter dunkley for update.
  • peerjs (data channel)
  • (no changes for almost a year)
  • (stripped down, data only version of


  • (uses SkywayJS)
  • (uses simpleRTC)
  • tawk (uses easyRTC)
  • rtccopy (uses
  • twelephone


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