Scala 2.8 Actors

We're looking at using actors in our Scala code quite soon. We're also thinking of moving to Scala 2.8 in the next few weeks. We've been keeping an eye on Akka but it doesn't currently support 2.8 and plans for it have slipped from the 0.7 release to 0.8

We would like distributed, supervised actors. Is there an alternative to Akka? Or does anyone know if Akka 0.8 will definitely have 2.8 support (and when it's scheduled for)? Perhaps it's possible to just use Scala actors for the time being and switch to Akka at a later stage?



Update: The branch Viktor mentions below can be followed here


I'm on the Akka team and yes, we definitely want 2.8 support ready for 0.8.

Akka has an experimental 2.8 branch if you like living on the bleeding edge, it's a bit behind the current master due to the recent work to get 0.7 ready for prime time, but it's getting there.

Akka will move to 2.8 today, latest tomorrow, as part of the 0.8 release.


While I'm not personally involved with the Akka effort, I feel reasonably confident that Akka will be ported to Scala 2.8 as soon as Scala 2.8.0 is actually available.

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