Pass a value to an inFrame

This probably an easy thing to do but for some reason I can't get a handle on it.

I have a simple form that allows people to select one if three items for sale. When they chose their item I need to pass that variable into an iFrame with a third party checkout page to safely process their cc transaction.

How would I do this?



The simplest, even JavaScript-less way to do this is giving the iframe a name attribute:

<iframe name="order_confirmation" id="order_confirmation" src="">

(I'm not 100% sure right now whether it's also id or just name you can use, I'm pretty sure it's name)

and then using that name as the target in the form:

<form action='whatever' target='order_confirmation' ....>

the form will then be submitted into the iframe.

On the URL is the easiest

Easiest way is to put it on the url. For instance if they select item1 then:

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