How can I find a Qt metaobject instance from a class name?

Is there a way to find the QMetaObject instance of a class, given the class name? what I like to do is to load objects from disk, but for this to happen, I need a way to retrieve a QMetaObject instance using the name of a class, in order to use the QMetaObject to create an instance.


You should be able to do this with QMetaType. You might need Q_DECLARE_META_TYPE() and/or qRegisterMetaType() to make your types known. Then it should work roughly like in this example from the link:

 int id = QMetaType::type("MyClass");
 if (id == 0) {
     void *myClassPtr = QMetaType::construct(id);
     QMetaType::destroy(id, myClassPtr);
     myClassPtr = 0;

I have been facing the same problem recently. I needed the metaobject without having to create an instance of the class itself. Best I could do is to create a global / static function that retrieves the qmetaobject given the class name. I achieved this by using QObject::staticMetaObject.

QMetaObject GetMetaObjectByClassName(QString strClassName)
    QMetaObject metaObj;
    if ("MyClass1") == 0)
        metaObj = MyClass1::staticMetaObject;
    else if ("MyClass2") == 0)
        metaObj = MyClass2::staticMetaObject;
    else if ("MyClass3") == 0)
        metaObj = MyClass3::staticMetaObject;
    else if ("MyClass4") == 0)
        metaObj = MyClass4::staticMetaObject;
    else if ("MyClass5") == 0)
        metaObj = MyClass5::staticMetaObject;

    // and so on, you get the idea ...

    return metaObj;

See :

If somebody has a better option, please share !

You can store the MetaClass instances you will need in a Hash or Map, and then retrieve them via whatever name you stored them under

For your case the appropriate solution can be using Qt plugin mechanism. It offers functionality to easily load shared/dynamic library and check if it contains implementation of some desired interface, if so - create the instance. Details can be found here: How to Create Qt Plugins

You can also take a look at the function: QMetaType::metaObjectForType which

returns QMetaType::metaObject for type

Update: That's my code, it create a class by class name. (Note that the class must be registered with qRegisterMetaType (or is QObject base)

int typeId = QMetaType::type("MyClassName");
const QMetaObject *metaObject = QMetaType::metaObjectForType(typeId);
QObject *o = metaObject->newInstance();
MyClassName *myObj = qobject_cast<MyClassName*>(o);

Update 2: I have forgot to say. Yout class's constructor must be marked as Q_INVOKABLE

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