How to add custom post type to nav_menu in Wordpress?

I have a question.

I use the new custom menus of Wordpress 3.0. And I'm wondering how can I add custom post types to the menu. For now, I can just add Pages and Categories.



The function register_post_type() takes an argument show_in_nav_menus. If you set this to TRUE you get a selector for your custom post type in the menu manager.

Sample code
    ,   array (
            'can_export'          => TRUE
        ,   'exclude_from_search' => FALSE
        ,   'has_archive'         => TRUE
        ,   'hierarchical'        => TRUE
        ,   'label'               => 'CPT Test'
        ,   'menu_position'       => 5
        ,   'public'              => TRUE
        ,   'publicly_queryable'  => TRUE
        ,   'query_var'           => 'cpttest'
        ,   'rewrite'             => array ( 'slug' => 'cpt-test' )
        ,   'show_ui'             => TRUE
        ,   'show_in_menu'        => TRUE
        ,   'show_in_nav_menus'   => TRUE
        ,   'supports'            => array ( 'editor', 'title' )

Screen shot with the custom post type named CPT Test.

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