WEB-INF/lib jars not found in JBoss 4.0.2 war deploy

I have a simple web application (one jsp and one servlet) file that I've copied into jboss-4.0.2/server/default/deploy folder and it has successfully hot deployed as I can access the jsp page. However, when I invoke the servlet, I am getting a java.lan.NoClassDefFoundError.

I suspect that the jars under the WEB-INF/lib directory within the war is not being picked up.

The structure of my war is:

  -->  MANIFEST.MF  
  -->  classes  
          --> ...*.classes  
  -->  lib  
          --> jcommon-1.0.16.jar  

Anybody else have classloading issues in JBoss 4?

Many thanks.


At the very least, you should not have the servlet-api.jar file in there. Those classes should all be provided by the Servlet container (in your case, JBoss).

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