Advantages of using software framework

I was reading these days about large projects implementation in python and Flex, and very often people praise the use of framework (like Cairngorm, PureMVC or others) over traditional OOP coding.

I think i dont really understand the advantage of using FW, which is the strong point over classic programming? how big should be the project in order to use FW? it is intended mainly for web-applications? or can be used for desktop apps as well?

hope, all these doubts dont sound stupid to you, i am not Computer engineer, just electronic, so my knowledge of sw architecture is very limited.



Using a framework is not really any different from classic OOP programming.

When you write projects in a similar environment, you will probably see yourself writing a framework (or a set of tools) over and over again.

A framework is really just code reuse - instead of you writing the logic for managing a common task, someone else (or you) has written it already for you to use in your project.

A well designed framework will keep you focused on your task, rather than spending time solving problems that has been solved already.

I would add my 2 cents here, using a framework will also help a better organized collaborative environment too. Your team mates will get to know about the code easily if you are following a standard framework. In enterprise applications using framework helps meeting the deadline and better code quiality.

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