Qt QComboBox popup position

I'm working on an application which contains an editable QComboBox. I observe the following behavior when I enter some text in the edit field and press the dropdown arrow in the combobox:

My edit line ends up hidden behind the item "e@abc.com". I would like to have the combobox list popup below the edit field, like in the below screen:

The first screen above is taken on Ubuntu with Qt4.5 while the second screen is from Suse 11 with Qt 4.4. I'm not aware of any differences regarding change of behavior of QComboBox popups between Qt 4.4 and Qt 4.5. Regardless, I would like the list to behave the same in both distributions.

This is a standard QComboBox with the editable property set to on - there are no stylesheets or special formatting applied to it.

How can I make the list popup below the editable field, like in the second screen?


This looks like a style issue, as the screenshots are taken with different styles. Perhaps you can start investigating by changing style on the failing desktop.

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