Ole atomation in c#

I write vbs that create ole atomation object

On Error Resume Next
dim objShell
dim objFolder      
if not objFolder is nothing then
objFolder.CopyHere "ftp://anonymous:123@ftp.microsoft.com/bussys"
WScript.Sleep 100
end if 
set objShell = nothing
set objFolder = nothing

How to do that on C# (or do that without ole automation just use com) ? Or do that on c++ without MFC.


Here you will find an article on how to do FTP from C#. Basically it uses the FtpWebRequest class. I am sure you now have enough information to write the code yourself.

In order to download whole directories you would need to look for the files in the folder (ListFolder method) and then download all the files (DownloadFile for each file).

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