C# PDF Control & Library

I'm looking for a way to display a PDF (similar to a picture box), in a Windows Form. After that I need to be able to create a PDF. What's the best library for the job for creating the PDF (from simple text)? I've taken a look at several and I'm not sure which one is the best. Preferably open source. As for the control, I tried the COM object Adobe provides... I can't seem to get it working. At all. I've tried loading several files, there are no errors. It simply fails to load.


PDF Sharp, Sharp PDF and iTextSharp are excellent. They are all OpenSource.

I worked with SharpPDF and it did great job. And it's open source.

To answer your question about getting the PDF to render, you could use a WebBrowser Control on your form as long as the client workstation has Adobe Reader installed. The browser will automatically pick up the MIME type and load the in-browser Adobe Reader.

For rendering, I echo Will Marcouiller and SLaks. We have had good success with PDFSharp.

For creating pdf's iTextSharp is very good, and it's free too.

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