SWF transcoding, does it exist?

I am looking for some type of SWF transcoder so I can convert SWF files to .avi's. Preferably something that we could hook into our Java architecture.

Any suggestions?


this is a bit like: I am looking for some type of java binaries transcoder, that can transcode java binaries to HTML+JS. Preferably something that we could hook into our PHP architecture. :P

let me explain: SWF files are containers to AVM/AVM2 bytecode and different kinds of assets (text, video, audio, raw binary data). It is possible to create SWF files containing ONLY bytecode or SWF files containing only media. Only in the latter case is the course of all playback determined. If there is bytecode included, then the task can be very hard, if not impossible, since any visual changes in the flash application can depend on external data, user input or just be random.

also, please note that the resulting AVI is likely to be orders of magnitude bigger. I guess the easiest and most accurate way is to run the SWF and capture what the flash player renders.

there is no straight-forward way to achieve what you want to. to my knowledge the tools within the creative suite are the only ones that can convert SWF animation into movies.

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