How to create a Linq To Entities expression

HI, I'm using Linq To Entities and I'd like to convert this

return db.Products
         .Where(p => p.idUser.Equals(id) && 
                     p.Category.Genre.Any(g => g.visible))

into something like

Func<Genre, bool> expr = g => g.visible

return db.Products
         .Where(p => p.idUser.Equals(id) && 

so I can add more complexity with something like this

Func<Genre, bool> expr = g => g.visible
expr += g => g.position < 5

But I always have an 'internal 1025 error .NET'. Can anyone help me, please? Thanks.


You need to use Expressions, not delegates. You can use the PredicateBuilder class by Joseph Albahari to build your predicate dynamically :

Expression<Func<Genre, bool>> expr = g => g.visible;
expr = expr.And(g => g.position < 5);

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