Remote Control software for Mac

One of the things I like about Microsoft's RDC Client is that the resolution of the experience is set by the client and not, say, a physical monitor connected to the host, as is the case with VNC; the latter being the protocol used by Mac. This means that even though I'm connecting to a notebook with a 1280x800 physical resolution, via RDC I can run it at 2560x1600 on my 30" monitor.

However, that only seems to work for RDC. Does anyone know of something I can run on the Mac that will allow me to remotely control it at a different resolution than what is physically set?




I've found CoRD to be quite good, though I can't recall if it does exactly what you ask. But since it's free it should be easy for you to find out.

There's apple remote desktop if you can afford it.

Also back to my mac which is part of the mobile me subscription I believe.

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