How to do query with `WHERE value IN list` in the Python Peewee ORM?

I'm using the (awesome) Python Peewee ORM for my Flask project, but I now got stuck trying to do a query with a where value in ['a', 'b', 'c']. I tried doing it as follows: in ['BTC', 'LTC'])

But unfortunately it returns all records in the DB. Any ideas how I could do this?


The docs has the answer: x << y will perform x IN y, where y is a list or query. So the final query will look like: << ['BTC', 'LTC'])

You can also do "IN" expressions with a subquery. For example, to get users whose username starts with "a":

a_users =, 1, 1)) == 'a')

The .in_() method signifies an "IN" query

a_user_tweets =


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