How to autocomplete lambdas in IntelliJ IDEA?

I'm using IntelliJ IDEA 13 with Java 8 and wonder how to autocomplete lambdas. Before Java 8 I used anonymous inner classes of course. I auto completed by typing "new" and hitting Ctrl+Space:

and choosing the first option.

Now with Java 8 I want to generate lambdas as well, inferring parameters and all, but I can't find autocompletion for it.

Note, this above example is quite easy, but when you have multiple parameters with generic types, e.g. JavaFX Listeners and the like, autocompletion comes in handy.


In newer versions of IntelliJ, it’s Ctrl+Space

In older versions of IntelliJ, it’s Ctrl+Shift+Space

You can just type p = s -> f..., autocompletion will then suggest false. If you're not sure about lambda, you can start with the inner class, and then turn it into a lambda expression.

In your example you can press Alt+Enter afterwards, as follows:

After completing:

After pressing Alt+Enter:


Clicking the small icon at the gutter shows you the Predicate.test method.

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