Creating class for defining constants in swift

Note: I want to achieve similar functionality in swift - Where to store global constants in an iOS application?

I have two classes - MasterViewController and DetailViewController

I want to define an enum (refer below enum) and use its values in both classes:

enum Planet: Int {
    case Mercury = 1, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune

I tried to define it in MasterViewController and use it in DetailViewController like this:

let aPlanet = Planet.Earth

but compiler is complaining :(

"Use of unresolved identifier Planet"

Generally in my objective c code I used to have a global constant file, which I used to import in app-prefix.pch file, which was making it accessible to all files within my project, but in this case I am clueless.


If your enum is being defined in a class like this:

class MyClass {
    enum Planet: Int {
        // ...

You have to access it through your class:

var aPlanet = MyClass.Planet.Earth

You also want to use the rawValue property. You will need that to access the actual Int value:

var aPlanet = MyClass.Planet.Earth.rawValue

In swift you can declare an enum, variable or function outside of any class or function and it will be available in all your classes (globally)(without the need to import a specific file).

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