standard debugging way for javascript/jquery

This is my usual way to debug javascript. Include alert(0); to break the flow and find out what is happening.

sometimes when i need multiple check points i do

alert('the flow is now in function 1');
alert('the flow is now in function 2');

or sometimes just


i would like to know if there is any standard way for debugging adopted as i am finding my current method very intrusive.

thanks in advance..:)


you might want to use the console... eg within firebug

otherwise you can use debugger; to break the script and force some debugger, or set breakpoints inside firebug (demo)

Firebug in Firefox is the best, but IE8 also has a pretty good javascript debugger. You can set breakpoints and step through your code to follow the program flow and view variable information, etc...

If you prefer logging to using a debugger and need something that works in all browsers, I'd recommend my log4javascript.

Incorporating exception handling into your code could also be helpful.

Exception Handling in JavaScript

And a simple technique for accessing values for simple value checking would be to clear the address bar of the browser

("standard debugging way for javascript/jquery") and replacing it with: javascript:alert(document.getElementById('comments-2521535').innerHTML);

and press enter to run the snippet on the page. It works a lot like the console in Firebug.

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