How can I use JavaScript to match a string inside the current URL of the window I am in?

I have used the excellent tool to test my string matching regex but I cannot figure out how to implement this into my JavaScript file to return true or false.

The code I have is as follows:


on a url such as this would match (according to RegExr) http://stackoverflow.

So this is great because I want to try matching the current window.location to that string, but the issue I am having is that this JavaScript script does not work:

var url = window.location;
if ( url.match( /^(http:)\/\/(.+\.)?(stackoverflow)\./ ) ) 
    alert('this works');

Any ideas on what I am doing wrong here?

Thanks for reading.



If you want to test domain name (host) gives you what you need (with subdomain)

if( /^(.*\.)?stackoverflow\./.test( ){
    alert('this works');

window.location is not a string; it's an object. Use window.location.href

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