Silverlight and RIA Services - The Data sources window does not show anything

So following some of the examples out there I created a new Silverlight Navigation application with RIA services enabled. Built the entity model, added a domain service and tested whether or not I could get some data to the client. This works fine.

But many of the examples show off how they use the Data Sources window to simply drag data fields onto a window... in my case however there are no data sources in the data sources window.

In the demo's and mix sessions this just appears out of the blue :p Anyway how can I get my DomainService defined in the web project to show up as one of the data sources in the data sources window?


Are you using the new Release Candidate of VS2010 and Silverlight?

Also, the data sources view will only work when you are on a XAML page in the main editor window.

This was a known bug in the previous versions with the following workaround:

Basically this happened when you installed VS2010 on any drive other than c:\

The issue has been resolved in Ria Services 1.0 :-)

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