Instantiate nested static class using Class.forName

I have a nested static class like:

package a.b
public class TopClass {

    public static class InnerClass {

I want to instantiate with Class.forName() but it raises a ClassNotFoundException .

Class.forName("a.b.TopClass"); // Works fine.
Class.forName("a.b.TopClass.InnerClass"); // raises exception

TopClass.InnerClass instance = new TopClass.InnerClass(); // works fine

What is wrong in my code?



Nested classes use "$" as the separator:


That way the JRE can use dots to determine packages, without worrying about nested classes. You'll spot this if you look at the generated class file, which will be TopClass$InnerClass.class.

(EDIT: Apologies for the original inaccuracy. Head was stuck in .NET land until I thought about the filenames...)



Inner classes are accessed via dollar sign:


Inner class is always accessed via dollar sign because when java compiler compile the java source code file it generates .class file(byte code).

if there is only one class for example and this class is an outer class then java compiler on compilation generate Hello.class file but if this class has an inner class HelloInner then java compiler generates d Hello$HelloInner.class(byte code).

so bytecode always looks like for following snippet with name

   public class   Outer
     public  var;//member variable
       class  Inner1
          class Inner2

so byte code is:Outer$Inner1$Inner2.class

that's why we use $ sign to access inner class .:)

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