Is there any good JAVA lib for playing with WSDL's and WS-* bindings?

Is there any good JAVA lib for playing with reading from WSDL's and connecting to WS-* bindings?


Take a look at Apache Axis2 - one of the most popular java webservices framework. It has multiple Java - XML binding methods (e.g. JAXB, ADB).

A good alternative would be Metro (from Sun, part of the GlassFish stack) or Apache CXF (previously called XFire)

For a summary: Wikipedia

Does Apache CXF or Apache Axis suit your needs?

In case you want play and write WSDL elements you can use Wsdl4J JSR implementation which is what even Axis uses behind the scene. This gives u a nice API to read and write WSDL elements

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