Actual Debug Symbols for ASP.NET MVC 2 Release Version

I need the actual debug symbols from the released version of ASP.NET MVC 2 (the version that gets installed via the web platform installer).

I know I can download the source, build and use the debug symbols from that. But there are a couple issues with that approach:

  • Requires that all other dependencies be rebuilt using this version of the DLL since it's not signed. This isn't feasible if you are using 3rd party libraries which don't provide the source.
  • The built version from the latest source doesn't match the release version (possibly because of the difference in signing alone). So I can't reference that .pdb.
  • I don't want a dependency on a custom build or any build other than the one that get's installed from a standard install.

I just need the debugging symbols so I can step through the source without introducing a different dll. I tried to use the public Microsoft Symbol Server, but it's not downloading the symbols for this dll.

Anyone know if this .pdb exists?

(I know that it's possible to generate and step through this dll using the newer version of Reflector - but that's for the professional version and costs money now.)


You should be able to use the MS Symbol Server ( to find those.

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