Language specific redirection

I want to ignore the post form in the django's internatonalization.

I am using the django-multilingual app, so I have different fields for different languages in the db.

I come up with this idea: For each language, from the index.html page, redirect to a different url (e.g. /en/ or /de/ or /zh/). And each view of this urls, set the session according to the language like this:

def set_lang_en(request):
   request.session['django_language'] = 'en'

def set_lang_zh(request):
   request.session['django_language'] = 'zh-cn'

Interestingly, this does the job, but if i refresh the page again after redirection (home.html).

Why it is like this? And how can solve this problem either in my direction or other one?


multilingual.middleware reads language code from session long before you set it in your view. You can change language in your view once more:

from multilingual.languages import set_default_language

Or if you only want to get rid of method post do not render home template in your view but set cookie and redirect user back.

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