Multi-site WCF Service

I have implemented a WCF service that will be used at Site A with 5 computers in the LAN accessing the service.

What I would like to do is have an elevated user/administrator be able to use one of the 5 machines and query an identical service at Site B (also with 5 computers) that they will need to connect to by bypassing the LAN firewall.Accessing data from Site A to Site B (and vica-versa) need only be read-only

Is there a standardised way to acheive this using WCF?


From what you have said, there are two sites, each with 5 PCs, and one server. In each case the server runs a WCF service, that some application on the 5 PCs will access.

You said you have a WCF service. You didn't say how you were accessing it - in other words what the client app is.

  • Supposing that you use WCF client libraries, You can specify the binding address in configuration (app.exe.config), or in application code.

  • if you connect via a browser and AJAX, it's just a different URL that you specify.

  • if you use something else, then... ?

Also I don't understand what you mean by "bypass the firewall". This doesn't bypass any firewalls and I don't think you want to. It might traverse a firewall, but not bypass it.

And, this leaves it up to YOU to figure out how to enable or disable access to the of-site service, whether that is an administrative/privileged user thing, or just a user-selectable address. An example of the latter would be to allow the user to select "Site A" or "Site B" in a dropdown box, within a WPF UI.

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