Delicious API and Yahoo oAuth in .NET

The fact that Delicious has two sets of API authentications one with username and password and one with oAuth told me something about things I was going to experience and I wasn't wrong. Unfortunately I have to deal with both APIs now and am unsuccessful getting through the first hurdle of API v2 (Yahoo oAuth).

Here is a code snippet (I'm using OpenSocial in this example

public static string GetRequestToken(string callbackUrl)
    string normaluri;
    string normaluriparam;
    OAuthBase oAuth = new OAuthBase();
    string nonce = oAuth.GenerateNonce();
    string timeStamp = oAuth.GenerateTimeStamp();
    string sig = oAuth.GenerateSignature(new Uri(TOKEN_URL), ConfigurationManager.AppSettings[CONSUMER_KEY],
                                         out normaluri,
                                         out normaluriparam);
    sig = HttpUtility.UrlEncode(sig);

    string result =
        HttpClient.Get(TOKEN_URL, new
                                          oauth_nonce = nonce,
                                          oauth_timestamp = timeStamp,
                                          oauth_consumer_key = ConfigurationManager.AppSettings[CONSUMER_KEY],
                                          oauth_signature_method = "HMAC-SHA1",
                                          oauth_signature = sig,
                                          oauth_version = "1.0",
                                          oauth_callback = callbackUrl

    return result;

It seems it doesn't matter if I follow instructions at myself of leave it to OpenSocial, I get an "401 Unauthorized" from the server with no further info.

I can see many people have the same issue but couldn't find any resolution.


The answer is "don't use HMAC-SHA1 for this stage. Also I forgot to include callbackUrl into my signature.

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