GLOB_BRACE portability?

In this question, I was made aware of glob()'s GLOB_BRACE option that allows for a limited set of regular expressions when searching for files.

This looks just like what I need, but according to the manual, GLOB_BRACE is "not available on some Non-GNU Operating systems." Among those seems to be Solaris.

I am building an application that is supposed to be as portable as possible, so I need to check out possible problems as early as possible.

Does somebody know of other platforms apart from Solaris where GLOB_BRACE is not supported? How about Mac OS >= X for example? It's built on top of a Unix. Is every Unix automatically a "GNU" platform as defined in the manual?


Checking the relevant glob(3) man page for the *nix variant will tell you whether or not it supports GLOB_BRACE.

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