mysql, case sensitive compare through codeigniter

I wanted to write following query through codeigniter's db helper class, guide me plz

SELECT * FROM table where column like binary "abc";

I tried

$this->db->like("column","binary abc");

but it produces

SELECT * FROM table WHERE column like '%binary abc%'


It is not supported directly through the like() helper, but you can do this:

$result = $this->db
    ->where('column like binary "abc"', NULL, FALSE)

An alternative method is:

$result = $this->db
    ->where('LOWER(column)', strtolower($foo), FALSE)

Notice I am using method chaining, it's a little quicker and to me is neater.


$this->db->where('column like binary "abc"'); $result=$this->db->get('table');

Regards, Pedro

I used that and it worked

$this->db->where('column_name like binary', $value);

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