Offline product catalog

I am looking for a way to automate the production of an offline product catalog using product data contained in an SQL Server database.

I have thought about using both Crystal Reports and SQL Server Reporting Services for this but there may be something better suited for the job.

There is a requirement to display product images also (currently stored in the database).

I thought about perhaps doing a simple Word Mail Merge for this but am not sure how I will handle images.

Suggestions appreciated

Thanks Ben


I suggest to you that use reporting service. you can use rdlc reports. I use rdl and rdlc reports for reporting issues in a large project and I don't have any problem.

I imagine that crystal and reporting services would handle this quite easily. It would really depend on what you have access to and what you have experience in. Putting a report server on you computer to do this would be pretty easy. I have not used crystal much but when I last did there were painful license requirements.

to hop on the reporting services bandwagon, you can use subscriptions in RS to easily automate this kind of thing once you have the catalog report written

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