SQL Server 2005 Fail: Return Dates As Strings

I am using the SQL Server PHP Driver, I think this question can be answered without knowing what this is.

I have come across this many times, what does it mean by NAMES? Column names?:


Is there a query similar to the above that will get my dates to be returned as a string? For some reason on my SQL Sever 2008 on Vista, this works:

$connectionInfo = array('Database' => $dbname, 'ReturnDatesAsStrings' => true)

But the above 'ReturnDatesAsStrings' does not work on my SQL Server 2005 on a windows server machine? I can't execute any queries after setting the above! It gives me this error:

Array ( [0] => Array ( [0] => IMSSP [SQLSTATE] => IMSSP [1] => -1 [code] => -1 [2] =>
Invalid option ReturnDatesAsStrings was passed to sqlsrv_connect. [message] => 
Invalid option ReturnDatesAsStrings was passed to sqlsrv_connect. ) ) 

Does SQL Server 2005 support ReturnDatesAsStrings? Is there some other parameter I can pass to do the same?

Thanks all for any help


I should of mentioned this but if there is a solution I am hoping for one that is in the form of a setting that can be set before any queries can be executed as I do not have control on what queries will be executed.


I suspect your problem is an old driver. The 'ReturnDatesAsStrings' feature was added in version 1.1, so you probably have 1.0 and just need to upgrade.

If you want to return a date as a string, you can convert it

SELECT CONVERT (VarChar (30), DateTimeColumn, 121) as DateTimeColumnString

read more here


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