Increasing the width of the autocomplete extender list

I have an ASP.NET AJAX autocomplete extender with CompletionListCssClass=autocomplete_completionListElement :

    margin : 0px!important;
    background-color : inherit;
    color : windowtext;
    border : buttonshadow;
    border-width : 1px;
    border-style : solid;
    overflow :auto;
    height : 200px;
    text-align : left; 

But for some odd reason the width of the auto complete list always takes up the width of the textbox even when I set the width to 500px. Is there a way to fix this?


I finally figured it out. I used the OnClientPopulated="onListPopulated" property as follows:

function onListPopulated() {

        var completionList = $find("AutoCompleteEx").get_completionList(); = 'auto';

I believe you can also accomplish this by changing




Tim Mackey expounds more in this blog post. Basically you have to use !important to override the CSS spit out by the control itself.

You need to set the min-width to 500px

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