kill application remotely

i have sth.bat file which launches my java program on compu─▒ter A.

i start this application from computer B by using "psstart \computerA "c:\sth.bat" ".

but i when it comes to kill it in the same way, im limited with the process name. Because when sth.bat is run, i see a cmd.exe and java.exe in process list.

I have to use the process name with "pskill \computerA processName". But i have more than one applications named cmd.exe and java.exe.

How can i solve this problem?


Look at calling psexec from sysinternals and doing a tasklist and and kill via that.

you could try the start command in your sth.bat to start your java program, this allows you to specify a window title which you can supply to the ms taskkill command for a remote kill.

tasklist /v reveals window titles

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