Windows Live Writer plugin with .NET 4

Has anyone written a plugin for Windows Live Writer that runs against .NET 4? I've read the .NET 4 introduces side-by-side running, so one part of the app can target .NET x and another part can target .NET 4.

I thought WLW would be a good starting point to try this as previously it only supported plugins up to .NET 2. But my .NET 4 plugin never shows.

Maybe they test dependencies before loading the plugins?

Anyone else got this working?


You can load both .NET 2 and .NET 4 into the same process if your are using COM in between.

See How To Use a .NET 4 Based DLL From .NET 2 Based Application? for more details

You can't. It can only run with the version of .NET Framework that was loaded by the application.

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