How can I test Xcode Project on iPhone?

I have developed a view based project in Xcode. It is successfully running in iPhone Simulator. But I want to test this project on real iPhone device to check the behavior of application. Is there any way I can test my application on iPhone device without buying Apple Developer's License? Thanks in advance.


No, there is not. You pay the $99, and you get the ability to load software onto (a few, I believe) real iPhone/iPods. See for details.

No, Dear you can't install any app onto the iphone without their(Apple) permission. YOu have to buy the Apple's Developer License. That's the bad news for you..

I would say you can borrow devices to test your app project developed using Xcode, it is also easy and simple you can also link as many devices to test your app. I did this for one of my game app.

check the link below for reliable discussion

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