Flash in VC++ Documentation

I am trying to host a flash object inside an CAxWindow, I have managed to insert a shockwaveflash (SWF) and its working fine. I am trying to find all available API's that are available in the flash ocx. I am unable to find any documentation for the functions in the IShockwaveFlash interface.

I know that Adobe doesn't have a documentation for using flash in VC++ but I was wondering if anyone can point me to a place where I can find an UNOFFICIAL documentation for flash.ocx or code samples as the only API that I could find and I'm currently using is "PutMovie".

Any help is appreciated...


If you are #importing the OCX you can look in the auto generated header files - or use OleSpy - a tool thats bundled with VC - to see all the exposed methods on the shockwaveflash.shockwaveflash control

I had this issue in VB.NET.

If you want, you can also open up Visual Basic (or C#) and use Intellisense to see what methods and attributes are available to you. I'm not sure that there is any documentation.

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