Merge 2 arraycollection - Flex 3

How I actually merge both together?

one arraycollection would contain value of 0...30 with Object name "sxx" with another arraycollection retrieve from database.



Solution 1:

private function mergeArrays(a:ArrayCollection, b:ArrayCollection):ArrayCollection
    for each(var item:Object in b)
    return a;

Solution 2:

var a:ArrayCollection = new ArrayCollection([1,2]);
var b:ArrayCollection = new ArrayCollection([3,4]);

a = new ArrayCollection(a.toArray().concat(b.toArray()));

Have fun! :P

var first:ArrayCollection = new ArrayCollection(['aa','aaa','aaaa']);
var second:ArrayCollection = new ArrayCollection(['bb','bb','bb']);
first.source = first.source.concat(second.source);

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