Not naming a type - C++

I am trying to convert an Adobe CS4 based plugin to CS5. This project has never been mine, this is the first time that i am seeing it.

When I compile the source with what i was given, I get errors like: Does not name a type


SPAPI SPErr SPBasicAcquireSuite( const char *name, int64 version, const void **suite );

I get that:

SPErr does not name a type

I dont see any classes with SPErr being defined, but I doubt that Adobe has left this out of the SDK.

I am using the PS_CS5_SDK_3 SDK


I do not have the possibility to be specific because, of course, I do not have the code. Typically this problem occurs when a type, a class, is not correctly compiled by compiler... meaning that it cannot find it and asks: "what is this?". See macros, or better inspect your code in your hpp files... Probably when porting to CS5 some types have been removed or some...

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