Is there an alternative to libusb-win32 for 64bit windows?

I've been developing some software which uses the libusb-win32 library to interact with some USB hardware I've been developing. Now I'm trying to run the same software on windows 64 but the drivers don't seem to work (understandably).

Are there any alternatives for 64 bit Windows I've overlooked?


Looks like there may be some 64-bit pre-compiled version available here and here.

[Edit] Oops. Looks like this is already provided for in libusb-win32 in the latest release. 64bit and 32bit are both provided in the device driver package.

The last version does not work in Windows 10, and presumably not in Windows 8/8.1. Works fine in 32/64 bit Windows 7. Development appears to have stopped in 2013.

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