Access asp:CheckBox inner input from jQuery

I have a jQuery array acting on each control having corresponding class:

function Foobar() {
   $('.foo').each(function() {
     // do something with $(this)

I can access client-side controls like <input class="foo"> and server-side controls like <asp:TextBox CassClass="foo">

But setting CssClass for asp:RadioButton doesn't make a sense. Here is generated code:

<span class="foo">
   <input type="radio" />

How to set class for inner input or another way gather it using jQuery?


You can get the inner input type radio elements in many ways, for example you could use the :radio selector:

$('.foo input:radio').each(function () {

function Foobar(){
 $('.foo input[type=radio]:only-child').each(function(){
   // do something with $(this)

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