How to simulate an error 500 in Symfony 1.4?

I created an error500.php file in web/errors/ and would now like to test it.

I tried to put this line in one of my actions:


Unfortunately it looks like it's ignored.

Do you guys have any idea of what's happening here?

I'm using Symfony 1.4.

Edit: Firebug is telling me that the error is actually fired but the page is still loading afterwards. And I'm in the prod env.


I'm pretty sure throwing any exception should trigger the error page:

throw new sfException('Testing the 500 error');

However, the location of the error page is different in symfony 1.2+:


move your web/errors/error500.php file to this location instead.

Maybe you'll find this site useful The second task is about Error 500 page.

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