Jquery and PHP function

How can I this PHP function include in jquery .html?

PHP function:

function trim_text($string, $limit, $break="<", $pad=" ...")
$words = explode(' ', htmlentities(strip_tags($string)));
$countr = count($words);
if ($countr <= 8)
return $string;

// return with no change if string is shorter than $limit
if(strlen($string) <= $limit) return $string;
$string = substr($string, 0, $limit);
if(false !== ($breakpoint = strpos($string, $break, $limit))) {
if($breakpoint < strlen($string) - 1) {

  $string = substr($string, 0, $breakpoint) . $pad;
$last_space = strrpos(substr($string, 0, $limit), ' ');
$string = substr($string, 0, $last_space);
$string = strip_tags($string);  
return $string.$pad;

And the Jquery part of code where I want to in ".html" part somehow call this function is:

$(" .text").html('<div>'+ message +'</div>');

What I want to do is trim this "message" text using PHP function. Is it possible?


In your JS, send the text to be trimmed to the script which will do the trimming. The server should send back the trimmed string, e.g.:

var theText = $("#aTextarea").val();
$.post('trimscript.php', {text: theText}, function(response) {
    $('.text').html('<div>' + response + '</div>');

In your PHP, grab the GET or POST variable, trim it, and send it back:

if(isset($_POST['text']) && !empty($_POST['text'])) {
    $text = trim_text($_POST['text']);
    echo $text;

I think that describes the flow of what's needed. Of course, there are numerous other ways to implement this, the above is merely a simple example.

a lot of php function have been rewritten in javascript. you can find them here

It would be much better to implement this function using javascript. If this message coming from the server, you can trim it before sending

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